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hey dearest readers ♥

When we are together . .
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 | Wednesday, December 26, 2012 | 2 comments
shameless punya budak

we are going to kick some ass

gempur wira
they're awesome and i know it :P
lovely friend

we are cute and we know it

dont steal them !

forever will be
*wink wink*  

boyfriends and girlfriends :)

when we are together , time's running faster .
when we are together , hours feel like minutes .
when we are together , mouth cant stop talking .
when we are together , i'll become myself .
when we are together , i'm crying from happiness .

no matter how hard the situations infront of me is , 
as long as we are together ,
i'll be fine .
as long as we are still together ,
i will not mind .

their place in my heart are somewhere special .
and forever will be . amin ~
PKBM reunite us . PKBM makes this feeling grows .
thankyou PKBM :)

they are my girlfriends , my boyfriends .
i dont need more .

[kalau dorang baca ni , mampus aku kena bahan -.-] haha kesahhhhh .


thanks for reading . much love ❤

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